Pupil Comments

Some comments from previous students


“Tim is a quality driving instructor! I started driving again with Tim after over year of stopping driving with my previous instructor and couldn't have dropped any luckier. I looked forward to my driving lessons with Tim where as I used to dread them with my old instructor. Tim gave clear and useful feedback at the end of each lesson, letting me know at what stage I was at and quickly got me to driving test standard.

Would fully recommend him to anyone, he's a great teacher and a good laugh.”


“I would highly recommend Tim to anyone wanting to learn to drive. He is a very patient and calm instructor that let’s you go at your own pace. He is very encouraging especially when you feel that you’ll never get the hang of it! If he can get me through it he can get anyone through it. I’ll definitely be back for the Pass Plus (and the terrible jokes!)”


“Tim is a brilliant instructor, always managed to put me at ease so I wouldn't panic about driving or mistakes I made; not even stalling on a mini roundabout on test day would have fazed me (not that I did that, honestly...). 

The lessons were good fun and I was surprised at how much and how quickly I learnt (and that I passed first time). Tim's very pedagogical, patient and perceptive, and no question is too stupid. Thank you!! ”


“I can’t speak highly enough of Tim and can honestly say I have learnt from the best. From day one of starting to drive I never felt as though I couldn’t do something, as lessons were at a comfortable pace introducing different things in stages as my ability and confidence grew stronger. Tim is reliable, flexible, has a cracking sense of humour and always makes time to answer any questions you may have. Highly recommend  to everyone.”


“Tim was my second driving instructor and I am so glad I chose him to learn with. When I first started learning to drive with him I would get so nervous I cried at the slightest thing and had absolutely no confidence in myself. But Tim was really supportive and helped me so much. He really seemed to understand how I was feeling and never made me feel silly for being so nervous.  He always explained things I needed to improve on and the reasons why.  I really liked that he pushed me a little bit to make sure I progressed but never made me do anything that I was not capable of. Tim gave me loads of help on dealing with my nerves and passing both my theory and practical tests. All his lessons were fun and I could really see how much I was progressing. He always picked me up on time and never dropped me off early. I don’t think I would be such a good driver or enjoy driving as much as I do now if Tim had not taught me. I honestly could not speak higher of him and will miss my driving lessons a lot. I would recommend him to anyone learning to drive as he really cares about his pupils and what’s in their best interest.

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