The cost of your driving lessons

The cost of driving lessons varies, many driving schools now offering very cheap lessons in a desperate bid to fill their diary in what has become a very competitive market. If your looking around for the cheapest driving lessons in York I have no doubt you will eventually find them! But before you book driving lessons think carefully about the service provided, and the quality of the tuition you expect from your instructor. Tim Sheeran has being graded 'A' by the DVSA.


Our driving lessons are never cut short you will receive the full duration of 60, 90 or 120mins we also leave plenty of time between lessons to ensure we arrive on time. You will also be learning with an A graded instructor.

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Service and Quality
Whilst still remaining competitive, my prices reflect both my excellent reputation, and the satisfaction based service offered to all my customers. All my lesson fees and any available offers are clearly displayed on the website so you can take your time in making the right choice for you.

So if you are serious about becoming a responsible safe driver, learning how to develop your own skills up to and beyond the driving test and looking for a driving instructor in York with an approach to driver training that delivers an experience people talk positively and enthusiastically about, who's aim in driver education, and through the use of learner centred and coaching techniques is to develop safe driving for life then you are in the right place. 
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Are you allowing nerves, fears or phobias to hold you back?

If so I can help! Many of my clients come to me for help after failing tests elsewhere due to nerves. They believe they will never be able to drive with confidence and can never even imagine passing the driving test. Clients suffering with nerves, fears and anxieties now have a realistic opportunity to overcome the problem and can expect to achieve life changing results. My aim is to make driving not only possible but also pleasurable.

If your not sure yet just try the first lesson for free, you have nothing to lose as you take responsibility for your own learning apart from your lack of confidence. 

Your first driving lesson

Learning with Tim Sheeran Driver Training Driving School follows a system where each lesson is planned with clearly defined aims and objectives. Driving for the first time might seem quite daunting, don't worry, no-one's expecting you to drive off onto a busy road on your first lesson.


Every effort is made to help the more nervous pupils gain the confidence required to become safe competent drivers. 


Each lesson is structured to suit the individual needs of our pupils ensuring that training is both effective and enjoyable. A record of the pupils progress is recorded at the end of each lesson allowing the pupil to see clearly the progress being made.


Because our driving lessons follow a system, this allows pupils to progress at a rate comfortable to them, only moving on to next phase of tuition as their ability and skill levels develop, this in effect increases the confidence of the pupil leading to the increased ability to learn more effectively, thus speeding up the learning process. 


If you have never driven before your first lesson will be concerned mainly with introducing you to the controls of the car. Your instructor will make sure that you are in a quiet area away from traffic before you actually have to do anything at all. Initially, you'll have a go at getting the car moving. Just a few yards down the road and then to a stop.

Your instructor will introduce the various controls of the car in easy to manage stages. Over time, you will come to use all of the controls in tandem with each other. Remember the car is fitted with dual controls for your safety.


Driven Previously
If you have previous driving experience your first lesson will be in the form of an assessment drive. During this drive your instructor will assess your driving ability on varied road types and conditions.


After this drive your instructor can offer advice on how many lessons may be needed to reach test standard and any aspects of your driving that require more practice.


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Driving Lessons in York from as little as £15 per hour. You can choose from:

  • First 4 Hours £60
  • First Hour FREE

Online Payments
To make it easier we accept online payments, ask your instructor for the password and simply pay online before your lesson.

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The easiest way to enquire is by completing the enquiry form and we will get back to you to discuss your requirements.

You can also call or text:

07917 880 185

To help you prepare for your Theory & Hazard Perception Test all our pupils receive FREE access to the online resource Theory Test Pro. 

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